HSD RECAP 2024.04.30

TO: THE WONDER TEAM MEMO: WEEKLY RECAP 2024.04.30 DATE: Wednesday, May 6, 2024 Firstly, let us say, we greatly appreciate the work you’ve done with our HSD students. The improvements they’ve made as individuals and as an ensemble are very apparent. The positive work you’ve done with each group was shown during the rehearsal performances we

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HSD RECAP 2024.03.19

TO: THE WONDER TEAM MEMO: WEEKLY RECAP 2024.03.19 DATE: Wednesday, March 20, 2024 This is a long memo because it includes a rough, tentative outline for the important upcoming dates. Please reference this memo while you’re planning. If any changes are needed, please make sure they are communicated as early as possible. A printed, updated rundown

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HSD RECAP 2024.02.27

TO: THE WONDER TEAM MEMO: WEEKLY RECAP 2024.02.27 DATE: Wednesday, February 28, 2024 Thank you all for everything you’ve done to teach and inspire your students. We’re experiencing another year of people being out because of sickness and we know it’s been unexpectedly challenging to get students to practice consistently. But the Prelude Orchestra students played

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HSD RECAP 2024.01.30

TO: THE WONDER TEAM MEMO: WEEKLY RECAP 2024.01.30 DATE: Wednesday, January 31, 2024 Please read this memo in its entirety, as it contains important information about the season. RECAP HIGHLIGHTS Character Focus: View the most recent Character Lesson Focus Review Classroom Policy and Member Privacy Policies [Review] Concert Fest Days Update- March 1 (ALL VOCAL CHOIRS,

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HSD RECAP 2023.10.31

TO: THE WONDER TEAM GUIDES MEMO: HSD RECAP 2023.10.31 DATE: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 Thank you for participating in this week’s spirit day and for submitting team points. The students are getting  more excited to contribute to Wonder in positive ways. We’ve had several students share what they did for someone else which shows they are

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