A staffed Social Hall, Study Hall, and Open Gym are available for registered students. These options are for students who are waiting between classes or waiting for a sibling to complete classes. Registration required if not accompanied by a parent. 

Families are welcome to stay on the premises throughout the day. If inside, families are asked to say in one of the non-enrichment classes and not roam the buildings. Parents MUST accompany unregistered children at all times. 


Some classes listed would actually be considered enrichment, but we’ve included them here because they have no additional class fee for enrolled students registered in another Wonder class (materials fees may apply).

social hall

quite games + conversations

On occasion, a class may meet in the same area; those in the room will be required to be quiet and respectful to the class.

study hall

quieter room for reading or studying

Parents may bring school work to do with their child.

guided p.e.

guided physical education class

Various p.e. equipment and activities will be provided every week for students, with an emphasis on natural movement


nursery for littles

Parents of small children may use the playroom while waiting for their students participating in a class. Parents MUST accompany children in the playroom at all times. The Playroom staff is only responsible for children of guides or other Wonder helpers currently working. 

Unregistered older siblings are welcome to stay in the playroom with their little siblings. Activities must be appropriate and safe for younger children.

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