Thank you for your interest in Wonder Movement! Our movement activities focuses on providing a healthy environment for learning proper technique, building strength, and enhancing coordination, all while individually and collectively honoring our wonderful Maker. 


Our Dance classes are focused on learning and practicing proper form and technique. Much of the choreography is designed with participation rather than performance in mind – making it easier for students to share dances with their personal communities.

Both blocks of Dance are mixed-aged classes, though Block 4 Dance covers the same material at a naturally accelerated rate – better suited for more advanced or older students. 


AGE: 7+ years; younger ages upon approval

EXPERIENCE: 0+ years

Shoes and performance attire not included in tuition.

Honor Dance (Spring TBA)

advanced dance (invitation only)


AGE8+ years

PREREQUISITE: 1+ years of dance training or 1+ years in Wonder DANCE

AUDITION: Assigned choreography

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