Thank you for your interest in Wonder Littles! We are born with an inherent wonder of the world around us. It is from birth to age 7 when a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life.

What if those years were filled with encouraging an early appreciation of music, arts, and learning within our little ones? Nurturing in them the cognitive and developmental benefits of music and exploration while enjoying shared experiences and connection between child and parent.

We are influenced by several learning styles, including the Charlotte Mason and Montessori method. Currently, we are limited in the customization of the space we use once a week. In the future, we hope to acquire our own space in order create a truly wonder-filled environment. 


We offer two classes for baby and parent bonding through developmentally appropriate exploration of music, movement, singing, and play. 

AGE: little movers & shakers: infant – 3 years + parent

AGE: little cycles: 3 years – 5 years + parent

music makers

This is a general music class for our young music makers. The instruments and songs used are perfect for young musicians and build skills needed to participate in future ensemble classes. We will be using singing, rhythm sticks, and movement in every class. This ensemble will share during our spring Year of Wonder event.


AGE: music makers 1: 4+ years

AGE: music makers 2: 5+ years


eclectic exploratory experience; 3 hour cycle

Welcome a sense of wonder and attitude of life long learning

Nurture proper manners and etiquette, sound values and ethics

Develop healthy habits and critical thinking skills

Encourage compassion and a sense of understanding and consideration of others

Promote self-discipline, sense of responsibility, and excellence in learning

Introduce and guide students through proper technique of various skills


AGE: 4 – 7 years, parents must stay on campus

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