Young people are highly capable of learning, growing, improving, and doing. Speaking articulately, researching credible sources, analyzing data, creating professional awareness campaigns for important issues, and working in teams are some of the important skills and opportunities within our enrichment experiences. 

ASL Signing Choir

AGE: 7+ years; younger ages upon approval

Students learn American Sign Language (ASL) through musical repertoire. This class is open to both deaf and hearing students.

music foundations

AGE: 7+ years; younger ages upon approval

In an effort to create a strong foundational musical learning experience, students may also enroll in our Music Foundations class, which builds music theory knowledge and ear-training skills.

Music Foundations is required for all instrument and voice students unless they use another program. 

Citizen Action

public speaking, constitutional literacy, research, create team action projects

AGE: 12 years+


hands-on science lab

4-year cycle includes the following areas: 

physics [2022-2023 focus]
health & nutrition

AGE: 12 years+

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