2020 - 2021 season

Enrollment Closed



Due to current events, the entire 2020-2021 Wonder Homeschool Day season will be postponed one month and begin in October and end in May. As we continue to navigate through uncharted territories, it is our intent to honor the various perspectives of the families who participate in the Wonder program as it relates to health and safety.


MANDATORY FAMILY ORIENTATION: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

TUITION + FEES DUE: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 

FALL SESSION: October 13, 2020 – December 15, 2020

SPRING SESSION: January 12, 2021 – May 4, 2021


enrollment application

Thank you for your interest in joining Wonder’s Homeschool Day!

Please complete the Family Enrollment Application, including each child who intends to participate during a Homeschool Day enrichment class (this includes Littles due to limited room occupancy). 

Once your application is reviewed, you’ll receive an email with Music Fair Days and Auditions information, if applicable. 

If a Music Fair Day attendance is not required for your student, you’ll receive an acceptance email with general member information.

important information

daily schedule (Weekly on Tuesdays)
concerts & events

Students are expected to participate in core concerts and events. Dates will be announced as soon as they are available.

MUSIC, VOICE & DANCE: There may be additional public and private concert opportunities for our advanced ensembles throughout the year.

COMMUNITY EVENTS: Wonder is also proud to regularly provide optional community and outreach events.

Visit our Event Calendar this fall for scheduled event information.


beginning music students & audition information

Music Fair Days are for beginner instrument students and those interested in classes which require an evaluation or placement audition.

Once your enrollment application is received, you’ll receive an email with information for evaluations and placement auditions, if applicable. 

What to expect at Music Fair Days

Beginner Instrument Class: Music Guidance Survey Session & Instrument Fitting

Band/Orchestra/Symphony: Placement Auditions

Elementary to High School Choir: Range Evaluations

instrument evaluation

Before purchasing an instrument, please have it evaluated by a Wonder Instructor or Coach, or trained personnel at a recommended shop. If you already have an instrument, please note this during the evaluation or audition process for approval.

All instruments should have a natural finish. Unnatural colored instruments are not permitted.

Beginner Instrument: Please view the Instrument Guide for instrument details, required accessories, and cost estimates,  for consideration when choosing an instrument. 

beginner instrument classes

Music Guidance Surveys help us evaluate your child and determine which instrument your child may enjoy playing based on their aptitudes, abilities, and interests. Beginner instrument students will complete an online Music Guidance Survey Session to determine their musical aptitude. 

Once complete, students can visit select music shops for their instrument fitting where they can see and play different available instruments under the direction of trained personnel.

Ensemble audition + voice evaluation

Students interested in band, orchestra, and symphony must schedule a placement audition. Student interested in elementary through high school choir must complete a range evaluation. The Music Guidance Survey Session and Instrument Fitting is not required.

Auditions for the 2020-2021 season will be submitted via video. Please review instructions on video auditions on the Evaluation + Audition page.

audition preparation

Each student is evaluated on their own skill level and is placed in an ensemble that best fits their musical, social, and emotional needs. We all learn at a different pace, and how long it takes for a student to be ready for a particular ensemble is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Please review the Evaluation + Audition page for Audition Requirements (per discipline and instrument) and the Instrument Guide (for instrument details, required accessories, and cost estimates).


Wonder is dedicated to making our program accessible to all. In addition to keeping our membership fees to a minimum, we also offer financial assistance to families that demonstrate financial need. This is made possible to the extent of which our resources allow and by the generosity of Wonder Fund donations. 

Financial Assistant Application and payment installment options available during enrollment process.


FAMILY ENROLLMENT FEE: $50 (one-time, non-refundable)

ANNUAL BASE TUITION: $350/individual/year (includes first class, Wonder t-shirt, i.d.)

ADDITIONAL CLASS: $200/individual/year (select classes included in base tuition)

MATERIALS FEE: Materials Fees vary from class to class and are due at the Mandatory Family Orientation. (limits do apply*)

*Instruments, stands, black music binders, accessories, repairs, and performance attire not included.

EVENT COST: All Wonder events hosted at our main location are free to attend, unless stated otherwise.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: No student should be excluded for financial reasons — please select the Payment Installment or Financial Assistance option during enrollment.

PAYMENT INSTALLMENT: Payment installment options are available on Tuition and Class Fees only. 


In order to offer classes at an affordable rate, we ask all families to help an average of 20 times (about 1.5 hours each time) during the year. Families registered in 4 or more classes will be asked to fill more than 1 need. 

A detailed list of needs and times will be available to registered families. 

If you are unable to fulfill an assignment, it is the responsibility of the family to provide a substitute and give Wonder advanced notice. A $20/day Helping Hands Fee will be charged to those who do not provide a substitute.


If you are unable to contribute your time, a Helping Hands Fee of $350 (1-4 classes) and $450 (4+ classes) is required per family. 


NURSERY SUPPORT: A staffed Nursery is available for Instructors, Coaches, Helping Hands, and other helpers, while they are assisting Wonder throughout the day.

when not in class

when not in class

Students MUST be in a class (enrichment or non-enrichment) or accompanied by a parent at all times. Students are not permitted to roam the facilities (inside or outside) unsupervised. Unattended students will be asked to contact a parent and be picked up immediately. 


A staffed Social Hall, Study Hall, and Open Gym are available for registered students. These options are for students who are waiting between classes or waiting for a sibling to complete classes. Registration required if not accompanied by a parent.


Children who are not yet school age must be accompanied by a parent at all times, even if they are registered in a Wonder Littles class. 

family spaces

Families are welcome to stay on the premises throughout the day. If inside, families are asked to say in one of the non-enrichment classes and not roam the buildings. Parents MUST accompany unregistered children at all times. 


Parents of small children may use the nursery while waiting for their students participating in a class. Parents MUST accompany children in the nursery at all times. The Nursery staff is only responsible for children of instructors or other Wonder helpers currently working. 


Social Hall, Study Hall, and Open Gym can be utilized by families throughout the day. However, parents MUST accompany unregistered children at all times.

frequently asked questions


• Family Enrollment Fee$50  
• Instrument Rental or Purchase (if applicable)NOT PROVIDED BY WONDER – SEE INSTRUMENT GUIDE
• Music Stand + Carrying Case (if applicable)NOT PROVIDED BY WONDER – SEE INSTRUMENT GUIDE
• Class Fees 
 Littles Music: Infant – 3Y$350$200$50
 Littles Music: 3Y – 5Y$350$200$50
 Littles Music: 5Y – 7Y$350$200$50
 Littles Voice: 4Y – 7Y$350$200$0
 Littles Boom: 5Y+$350$200$0
 Music Foundations$350$200$50
 Beginner Instruments: 8Y+$350$200$25
 Recorder: 7Y+$350$200$25
 Band Ensemble$350$200$25
 Orchestra Ensemble$350$200$25
 Youth Symphony (corequisite: Concert Band/Orchestra)$0$25
 Choir: 7Y – 12Y$350$200$0
 Choir: 12Y – 14Y$350$200$0
 Choir: 14Y+$350$200$0
 Dance 101 & 101X$350$200$0
 Art 101 & 101X$350$200$50
 Theater (corequisite: any other class)$0$50
• Helping Hands Fee (families who choose not to help through Hours)$350/family
(1-4 classes)
(4+ classes)
• Late Enrollment Fee$25  
• Concert Tickets (at Main CCPC location)$0  
• Event Ticketsvaries  


MANDATORY FAMILY ORIENTATION: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

TUITION + FEES DUE: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

FALL SESSION: October 13, 2020 – December 15, 2020

SPRING SESSION: January 12, 2021 – May 4, 2021

Tuition + Fees

Members of Wonder are admitted for the entire season. Tuition and Fees are not prorated and the full amount due must be paid completely whether the member enrolls late, withdraws, is dismissed, or is absent for any cause. Members with unpaid Tuition and Fees may be withdrawn from a class or prevented from participation at events.

Tuition and Materials Fees are due in full at Family Orientation. Select payment installment options are available for Tuition only. 

Family Enrollment Fee: Wonder reserves the right to close registration early, cancel classes, or restructure the classes based on student enrollment. Except in the case where all classes for a family are canceled before Family Orientation, Family Enrollment Fees are non-refundable.


Withdrawals: Please submit all withdrawal requests on the member area of the Wonder website. 

Refund Schedule: Tuition refunds will be issued according to the following schedule:
75% refund issued after Family Orientation
50% refund issued after 10-12-2020
25% refund issued after 10-19-2020
No refunds issued after 10-26-2020

Materials Fee: Materials Fees are due in full at Family Orientation and are non-refundable.

Dismissals: No refund will be issued if a member or participant from a family is dismissed from the program.
Event Cost: All Wonder events hosted at our main location are free to attend unless stated otherwise.

Returned Check Fees: In the event of a returned check for insufficient funds, the family will be responsible for paying the full amount of the check that was returned as well as a mandatory $25.00 Returned Check Fee. Payment must be received within 10 business days of being notified of a returned check. The only acceptable forms of payments for returned checks are cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

We understand that families may face financial challenges from time to time. Therefore, if your family is experiencing any financial hardship that may cause a payment to be late or returned, please contact Wonder immediately to discuss additional arrangements.

Homeschool Day

The Wonder Homeschool Day program is for homeschool students and families with children who are not yet school-age, but who intend to homeschool. Suggested ages are listed in class descriptions. 

COMING FALL 2020 – The Wonder Family Time program is for parents and children (non-homeschoolers and homeschoolers). Suggested ages will be listed in class descriptions. 

Attendance will be taken during every class and event (when applicable).

Class Attendance

Wonder programs depend on every participant to be prepared, present, and on-time during each class, rehearsal, concert and event. Please give prior notice of any schedule conflicts by calling the Wonder Attendance Line, in advance, and following the prompt when leaving a message. This applies to all participants who are unable to attend a class or required event, will arrive late, or will leave early. All absences which are not notified in advance will be marked as unexcused.

Performance Attendance

Participants are expected to attend all classes, rehearsals, concerts, and/or performances. Participants are required to attend dress rehearsals and the rehearsal prior to a performance unless excused. Individuals with more than 2 absences during a performance period or miss the rehearsal prior to a performance may have their seating changed or be denied permission to perform.

How do I give notice prior notice of an absence?

Please give prior notice of any schedule conflicts by calling the Wonder Attendance Line, in advance, and following the prompt when leaving a message. This applies to all participants who are unable to attend a class or required event, will arrive late, or will leave early.

Weekly Class Uniform

Participants must wear Homeschool Day (HSD) uniform shirts (provided by Wonder) to weekly classes. Participants must have their Wonder badge visible at all times.

Performance Uniform

Performance uniforms are required to participate in all performances.

Individuals must arrive in FULL DRESS with all necessary equipment. Uniforms must be clean and pressed. Shoes must be clean and polished. Students will not be permitted to perform if they are not in the required uniform. While in uniform, students may only consume water or non-staining foods. Within each performance memo, you will be informed of uniform requirements.

Performance Black Uniform:

Males: Black shirt, black slacks, black shoes, and black socks

Females: Black shirt, black slacks or a long skirt (or long black dress), black shoes, and black socks or stockings, only natural colored makeup and neutral nail polish (if applicable)

Performance White Uniform:

Males: White or off-white shirt, off-white or beige slacks, neutral shoes, and neutral socks

Females: White or off-white shirt, off-white or beige slacks or a long skirt (or long white or off-white dress), neutral shoes, and neutral socks or stockings, only natural colored makeup and neutral nail polish (if applicable)

Performance Basic Uniform:

Males: Wonder HSD shirt and blue jeans

Females: Wonder HSD shirt and blue jeans or long jean skirt

Uniform Care

Wonder uniforms should not be used for non-Wonder purposes.

Wonder is not responsible for replacing lost items or items damaged by misuse.

There are four main reasons for this policy:

  1. We ask each family to seriously consider their commitment to Wonder Homeschool Days. Just like in a team sport, where success can only happen if all team members are present, it’s important to know all Wonder members are committed and present. We schedule performances, events, and activities based on the number of students enrolled at the beginning of the program and our quality instructors depend on this number to prepare each student for success.
  2. Many of our classes are sequential in nature and build on skills previously taught throughout the year. This limits the number of new students we can accept mid-year and means if a member withdraws from a class or the program, we may not be able to replace them once the season begins.
  3. We consider music, arts, and enrichment education to be of great value and importance, just like all other academic subjects and sports programs many families commit to each year. It’s our hope that your family will give this program the serious commitment it deserves.
  4. Lastly, but not least, we take the commitments we’ve made to our instructor’s salaries seriously. These commitments continue, even if your student does not.

We do know extenuating circumstances can arise and may cause your family to have to withdraw from the program. Therefore, we have a few exceptions to this policy:

  • Serious illness in the immediate family
  • Death or unemployment of a parent
  • Family moving more than 50 miles from the program location

No exceptions are made for students who have lost interest in the program, enroll in public or private school, or who are not committed to practicing.

Wonder’s focus is on building the concept of ensemble playing. Therefore, please expect changes to ensemble assignments will not be made during the school year. It is our expectation that each and every student will be improving throughout the season. Therefore, the ensemble itself will also improve and grow musically as the year progresses.

All families must provide their own cold lunch and snacks.

Although not required, we encourage our students to take private lessons in their respective instruments. It is here, under the guidance and responsibility of a private music teacher, where musicians are more likely to acquire excellent technique which leads to mastery of skills and excellent musicianship. Instructors will notify you if your child is struggling and will need lessons to keep up with the class pace.

The Wonder Way is a set of guidelines and expectations for all Wonder participants to follow. See the complete guidelines here.

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