With our 4th year in full swing, we want to share about Wonder and some details about our upcoming project. We hope you will consider becoming a dedicated private donor so together we can impact the next generation and fill our homes and communities with faith, creativity, and hope.

Working for the Good of the Next Generation

Wonder is seeking support to create a unique local space for like-minded families of faith to experience community and expand our programs to meet the needs of the rapidly growing homeschool community. 

The Roots

As a tax-exempt nonprofit organization (EIN 61-1975708), we rely on a dedicated group of generous private donors to fund our operating expenses. They are the Roots of Wonder. Roots are the reason plants remain attached to the ground. They support the plant body, ensuring it stands strong. Wonder’s Roots donors are no different. Roots donors enable us to make sure 100% of all public contributions and fundraising go directly to programs that support Wonder families and students.

The Mission

Wonder’s mission is to cultivate a faith-based, family-focused, and community-centered environment in which families can explore, create, and share with others the wonders of God around us. The core of everything we do is to foster creativity and good character in individuals, strengthen togetherness within the family unit, and celebrate generosity by actively sharing with the community.

The Background

We truly believe that in times of uncertainty and division, it’s even more vital to fill our homes and communities with faith, creativity, and hope. It’s equally crucial that we equip our young people with the skills, character, and mindset to honor the generation before them and teach the generation after them. So on August 1st, 2020, Wonder was born, and Psalms 71:17-18 became our motto: “God, You have taught me from my youth. Until now, I have declared Your wonders. Yes, even when I am old and gray-haired, God, don’t forsake me, until I have declared Your strength to the next generation, Your might to everyone who is to come.”

We have been married since 2005 and are homeschooling parents of six school-aged children. Together, we founded and built Wonder to have one of the largest privately funded faith-based homeschool music, arts, and enrichment programs in Colorado. Growing from just 30 students in 2020 to over 150 students in 2023.

As we continue to serve as co-executive directors of Wonder, we know that our nonprofit, business, entrepreneurial, and marketing experience will be invaluable to its success.

The Need

Once per week from September until May, over 150 students learn to play instruments, apply art techniques, work together as a team, practice grace and courtesy, build stronger self-discipline and concentration skills, learn biblical values and concepts, memorize scripture, and look to walk in good character. Though Wonder is impactful, meaningful, and the highlight of the week for most of the families and students who participate, we want to make an even greater impact in the community. We want to prepare the next generation of actors, script writers, composers, musicians, film makers, artists, choreographers, dancers, instructors, tech developers, graphic designers, public speakers, and others in the creative industry that will influence our society’s future. We want that influence to come from more people who value the Bible, hard work, integrity, creativity, and who also have a good sense of their responsibility as citizens in this country. 

The Funding

Funding is being requested to hire staff to expand our programs to meet the needs of the rapidly growing homeschool community and to create a community center space for classes, lessons, events, and more. This community center will also feature rotating art exhibits to showcase both professional artists within the faith-based community and Wonder student artists.

The Project 

There were an estimated 39,000 to 48,000 K-12 homeschool students in Colorado during the spring of 2016, and, according to the Colorado Department of Education, the number of students reported as homeschooled doubled during the 2020-2021 school year. Considering the fact that roughly two-thirds of homeschoolers are Christian, there’s a local opportunity in Colorado to help homeschool students of all ages further increase their skills and learn new ones with access to a wider variety of high-quality music, arts, and enrichment activities than our current funding and space allow, including band, orchestra, choir, dance, theater, art, photography, computer programming, piano and guitar lessons, early childhood music, and more. 

For our high school students, both locally and nationally, this funding will allow them to participate in our expanded Honor Society. With an estimated 3.7 million homeschooled students across the country during the 2020-2021 school year alone, Wonder has the potential to build up thousands of youth with biblical character and leadership development, service and citizenship projects, and business and entrepreneurship training.

The Outcome

The objective is that by the end of 2026, Wonder will have accomplished two significant goals: 1) helping 3,750 homeschool students in Colorado and nationwide demonstrably increase their skills among the many classes and activities we offer at little to no cost to families; and 2) helping thousands of like-minded families both locally in Colorado and worldwide experience a unique community-centered environment where they explore, create, and share with others the wonders of God around us.

It’s been such a blessing to hear how our vision for Wonder has resonated with so many families. We desire to nurture creativity within the faith community through our skill-based music, art, and enrichment classes. All so we, our individual students and collectively as an organization, can share and encourage our family, our friends, and the community to God’s glory! Music and the arts, along with the many subdivisions within them, have the unique gift of influence and can carry messages and stories that touch the heart and mind. We hope the work of Wonder gains a reputation for sharing a message of faith, family, and creative fun, because that is our intention.

The work of change is not for the faint of heart. Many people want to see change but do not know where to start. We’re thankful for the vision God gave us more than a decade ago, and we’re committed to running this race and finishing our course.

Please consider giving to help us continue building up families and the next generation.

Thank you for your support, generosity, and prayers.

Corey & Helen Scott

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