the wonder way

Our mission is to cultivate togetherness through the many opportunities to explore, experience, create, and share the wonders of God around us.

Conveniently located in the Greenwood Village, Colorado, Wonder provides the community with skill-based music, arts, and enrichment activities for the entire family. We seek to cultivate a faith-based, family-focused, and community-centered environment in which families can explore, create, and share with others the wonders of God around us. The core of everything we do is to foster creativity and good character in individuals, strengthen togetherness within the family unit, and celebrate generosity by actively sharing with the community. Through children and parents alike, we hope to continually extend the chain of wonder from person to person.










the challenge

As a vibrant homeschooling state, Colorado has many homeschool support groups and cooperatives (co-ops). However, one of the main complaints from fellow homeschoolers is the lack of collective community due to the fragmented activities offered across the state and the lack of options for various ages and interests per program, which often exclude non-school age children. This same challenge presents itself to the many private and public school parents who sacrifice family time to take their children to the many fragmented extra-curricular activities for the various interests and ages.

our solution

Wonder’s Homeschool Day is a daytime program that provides a variety of high-quality music, fine arts, and enrichment activities for homeschool families ranging from infant to high school seniors. This includes band, orchestra, youth symphony, choir, fine-arts, theater, dance, and more.

For all families, homeschool and non-homeschool alike, Wonder’s Family Time classes and events are motivated by our desire to cultivate connection, creativity, and togetherness in the entire family and to share experiences with the ones we love most. Our calendar of events covers a variety of topics from the technical skills of art and movement to health and wellness. We hope to offer experiences in which both the inspirational and practical come together.

wonder fund

Because Wonder is dedicated to providing an affordable program to families and the community, we will continually seek to supplement fees with other fundraising efforts including individual donations, sponsorships, foundation grants, and gifts. Particularly, all funds donated to our Wonder Fund will help us accomplish three important goals: 1) Offer scholarships and gifts to seniors across the country for higher education, trade schools, and entrepreneurship. 2) Provide resources and events for individuals within the community who are poor, fatherless, and widow. 3) Minimize the cost of our local music, arts, and enrichment programs for all families, but particularly those with financial hardship.

about the founders

Corey and Helen Scott have been married since 2005 and are homeschooling parents of six children. Born at the same hospital in 1985, Corey and Helen’s relationship was destined from the beginning. Meeting each other officially in middle school and then reuniting again in high school, this time as a couple, these high school sweethearts were inseparable. One a varsity basketball player and the other all-school president, Corey and Helen excelled in the classroom and provided leadership and commitment to each other and their peers. At the tender age of 19, Corey and Helen got married and started planning for a family with the intention to homeschool their children and raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. They were determined to create a strong family culture of good character and generosity, strong work-ethic, life-long learners, and a willingness to share their gifts and talents to edify others. 

This goal came with many challenges as Corey and Helen continued to grow as a couple and raise their first two children as college students. This meant taking some semesters off to work, to rest, to nurture, or to give their children opportunities to grow in very specific areas. As a vocal major, Helen emphasized the importance of a musical foundation and the impact learning an instrument can have on development during the formative childhood years; a foundation Corey and Helen both valued but neither had growing up. This rewarding journey saw their eldest child audition for an award-winning, nationally recognized choral organization and excel for multiple years. Her younger sister auditioned and was accepted in choir the following year, joining her older sister on stage at the Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver, Colorado performing in front of thousands.

Never losing sight of their goal to give their children an opportunity to learn an instrument, Corey and Helen found a group violin class for their two daughters as they transitioned from choral to instrumentation. This led their family to the Cherry Creek Youth Symphony (CCYS), a then 9-year-old orchestra with a heart to teach great classical music to young musicians, no matter the skill level, and share the gift of music with the community. They quickly fell in love with CCYS and their vision and joined the parent council. The following year, Corey and Helen began leading in an administrative role which included building and managing the website, creating efficient program systems, recruiting new families, hosting and facilitating registration, and managing day-to-day operations. Four years later, their family still loved being part of an orchestra that offers a non-competitive, family-friendly, and faith-based environment where students learn, play, and share music with the community.

With the desire to offer all of their children an opportunity to experience even more music and art opportunities, Corey and Helen began a collaboration with the CCYS to offer orchestra within a program that provides high-quality music, fine arts, and enrichment activities for families; a vision 10 years in the making for Corey and Helen.

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