Homeschool SOS Survey


We are working on host another successful homeschooling event by the end of August or early September. Once an event is scheduled you will be contacted with registration details. 

This survey is to help us gauge interest and determine how we can best help those searching for alternatives to educate their children and to support a smooth and peaceful transition. Right now, we are planning one event and some will have to travel further than others. However, we are designing the event so you have a plan of how to get started immediately. Heads up — there may be a nominal fee to attend this event to cover expenses.

There’s a lot to navigate and it can be overwhelming. No matter your background or experience, volunteers within the homeschool community are working together to see you successful and offer support to so many who are in an unexpected state of distress or just need help along this journey.

PLEASE DO NOT RUSH this process and start purchasing curriculum. It’s okay to take a few more weeks off for summer break while you wait to get true support. Be patient with yourselves! You can do this!

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