As we enter the final months of our 3rd year as an organization, we thought we’d share our heart through a message from our Founders, Corey & Helen Scott. We hope you hear the heart of Wonder and will consider giving, no matter how large or small the amount.

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Working for the Good of the Next Generation

On every side, we see a godless attack on anything good. Good is being called evil, and evil is called good. Society has slowly become more and more desensitized to the unthinkable. As an Ethiopian, it always saddens Helen to see the traditional music videos she grew up watching disappear and be replaced with the American-influenced and overly-sexualized versions. She remembers attending parties and get-togethers where every member of the family was welcome and enjoyed themselves with late nights of traditional Ethiopian dancing called Eskista (Amharic: እስክስታ), playing hide-and-seek, and good food. Those are now memories of the past, because not only has the music and activity changed, but the value of family has as well.

We see it in the states everyday. As one of the main activities of the day, whether streaming music, or watching a movie or online video, or going out to most establishments, much of what pumps through the screen and speakers has impacted communities and it grieves us because the influence does not build up goodness in anyone. Rather, it is full of music, art, and creativity that is geared towards encouraging a life far from the goodness of God.

Thankfully for our family, we have Wonder. A place where the standards and expectations are different. Every week, students learn how to play instruments, apply art techniques, practice grace and courtesy, build more concentration, learn biblical values and concepts, work together as a team, memorize scripture, and look to walk in good character; all in a faith-based, family-focused, and community-centered environment.

It’s been such a blessing to hear how our vision for Wonder has resonated with so many families. We desire to nurture creativity within the faith community through our skill-based music, art, and enrichment classes. All so we, our individual students and collectively as an organization, can share and encourage our family, our friends, and the community to God’s glory! Music and the arts, along with the many subdivisions within them, have the unique gift of influence and can carry messages and stories that touch the heart and mind. We hope the work of Wonder gains a reputation for sharing a message of faith, family, and creative fun, because that is our intention.

After beginning with a handful of wonderful families in 2020, and jumping to over 100 enrolled students during our second year, we’re excited about the growth we’re seeing this year with over 140 students and almost 60 families. And, although we are officially only a few years into our journey, it feels like we’ve been at this work for a long time. We are truly thankful to be amongst so many wonderful homeschool programs and families in Colorado.

The work of change is not for the weary of heart. Many people want to see change, but do not know where to start to make the change. We’re thankful for the vision we were given more than a decade ago to start by supporting families first. We understand that it’s the next generation of actors, script writers, composers, musicians, film makers, artists, choreographers, dancers, instructors, tech developers, graphic designers, public speakers, and others in the creative industry that will influence our society’s future. We want that influence to come from more people who value the Bible, hard work, integrity, creativity, and who also have a good sense of their responsibility as citizens in this country.

As the world steadily becomes cold to anything godly, we have a call as believers to raise up the next generation in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We hope and work to that end every week with the families we serve. And we do it without government funding.

So, please, consider giving to help us continue building up families and the next generation.

Thank you for your support, generosity, and prayers.

Corey & Helen Scott

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