DATE: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Wow! It’s finally here. What we’ve been preparing for all summer. We’re thankful all of you are part of this journey with us and we trust you share in our eagerness to make a positive impact in the lives of the Wonder students, families, and community we seek to serve. To those who could attend, thank you for your time during the first Team Meeting and Family Orientation. We are almost done with the bulk of behind the scenes work for next week. Thank you for your patience and for all you do. If you need something from us, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it to you asap. Please note, we will be unavailable on Monday, September 25th, but will do our best to reply to messages before then. Otherwise, we will be available to answer questions on Tuesday. Also, please note Helen’s new direct line (303-900-8517).

Below we’ve included a few highlights from the Team Meeting, points we weren’t able to cover, and preparations for the first day of Wonder. 

Please read this memo in its entirety, as it contains important information about the season.


  • Lesson Plans: Please be sure class lesson plans for the upcoming week are clear, updated, substitute-ready, and submitted by the prior Tuesday. All materials, resources, references, songs, links, etc., shared with students must be included in lesson plan and all files added to the respective class folder. Please be sure to include any approved materials and supplies needed for the class. Please choose between the Google Docs or Sheets to create detailed lesson plans each week, rather than using both. When using the Google Doc, keeping the current week’s lesson plan on the top makes it easier to review and reference for Class Notes. Thank you! Each folder is linked on the first tab of the Roster Spreadsheet [WONDER PREP FOLDER LINK]
  • Class Notes: Class Notes are like homework for the day and are due by 6pm Tuesday, the same day of class.
  • First Names: We go by first names at Wonder, e.g. Mr. Corey, Miss Helen, etc…
  • Daily Rundown: Upon your arrival, please check in and pickup your Daily Rundown with announcements, a list of notes for the day, expected attendance notes, etc. Please checkout at the end of your day and return this packet to your file folder.
  • Wonder Tee: If you do not have a Wonder Tee, please pick one up upon your arrival, and plan to wear it weekly according to the dress code.
  • Assembly: Assembly is a time to focus on character, sharing, and community building. Everyone is welcome to attend Assembly (1:00pm before lunch).
  • Peaceful Environment: We want to create a peaceful environment of mutual respect and thoughtfulness for all. A few highlights for staff and/or to communicate to students:
    • Review the Wonder Top 10
    • Speak kindly to and practice patience with everyone
    • Hold high expectations for self-discipline, behavior, and character
    • Be intentional about offering acknowledgement for strengths and effort (2 praises for each critic is a good rule)
    • Quietly listen when someone is speaking to the group – for all students
    • We play together or not all – for instrument students
    • Practice makes permanent and proficient
    • To avoid injury on the playground, if a child is unable to get on equipment by themselves (e.g.: monkey bars), they are likely too small and can get assisted
    • Avoid embarrassing children. For example, because homeschooling allows parents to base education on individualized development rather than government-suggested benchmarks, some children are not yet fluent readers. Please avoid forcing any child to read aloud; rather ask for volunteers or ask student privately before or after class.
    • Relationship Keys: “I noticed…”​, Assume Compliance, Display Caring and Power, Don’t Take Things Personally​, The Power of Something
  • Student & Staff Photos (Rescheduled): During the first several weeks of Wonder


  • Team Arrival: Please arrive in enough time to check in, collect your Daily Rundown and badge from the file box, set up your room, and be ready to greet and direct your students at your room door upon their arrival.
  • Class Folder: The Class Folder is a clear pocket folder and should be in your class upon your arrival. They include attendance sheets, handouts, room setup-break down, etc. After each class, be sure your Helping Hands returns your clear class folder to the welcome area.
  • Helping Hands (HH): Your Helping Hands are responsible for taking attendance, recording practice records, and helping you make copies, etc. Although we try to match each class with a HH who has a background in the particular discipline, it’s not always possible. HH should arrive 15 minutes BEFORE class the first week (normally 10 minutes) AND will be dismissed 5 minutes AFTER class time (or when tasks are complete). Setup Crew should be complete 15 minutes before first class start time.
  • Playroom: If you are utilizing the Playroom while you’re working, please sign your child in and out (morning in Room: GYM, afternoon in Room: 212)
  • Music Foundations: Students will go to Music Foundations for Block 1A and 2A for the first week, in order to evaluate and determine proper placement. After week 1, students will go directly to their proper classes, based on final Music Foundations Placement. This affects B1/B2 ASL Signing Choir, B1 Open Gym, B1/B2 Junior Helpers. If a student is not in Music Foundations, they will go directly to the alternative class. 
  • Band and Orchestra: Band and Orchestra will start in the main ensemble rooms (listed on their schedules) before moving to sectionals.  After week 1, students will go directly to their sectional rooms or ensemble room, based on final placements. 
  • Littles Dance: Students will remain in the main Discovery room until the Dance Guide or HH brings them to the Dance Room. 

Please view the updated calendar for your class start and end times.

Arrival Protocol

    • Doors open at 9:30am for all students (9:00am for students picking up instruments). The first classes begin at 10:00am.
    • Student Arrival. Students will go to the Greeting Table to sign themselves in upon their arrival. 
    • Students will then report directly to their assigned room with belongings and make any preparations before class start time (set up their stand and take out their music binders and method books, etc.). 
      • First Day. Each Guide will have a sign with the section of his or her class for easy identification. Please be at your room door to direct and assist students as needed. 
    • Late Students. Students who arrive 5 minutes after class start time are marked tardy by a Helping Hands. Students who are late more than 4 times in a semester will begin to incur penalties.
    • Uniform. Wonder members proudly wear a Wonder Tee according to our dress code. 
    • Prayer. Before classes, parents/guardians and students are invited to join Guides for a prayer and blessing of students, parents, and faculty. 
    • Announcements. Announcements will begin each class. You’ll receive the daily announcements to be read throughout the day, if applicable.
  • Dismissal Protocol
    • The Wonder Homeschool Day is dismissed at 5:00pm each day, with early dismissal per block period.
    • Most student’s parents/guardians will already be present throughout the day. 
    • Students who are picked up will meet their families near the Greeting Table by the first floor entrance. 
    • Students should inform the Greeter when their parents have arrived or when they are leaving.

Family Spaces: Families are welcome to stay on the premises throughout the day. If inside, families are asked to say in one of the non-enrichment classes and not roam the buildings. Parents MUST accompany unregistered children at all times.

Playroom for Families: Parents of small children may use the Playroom while waiting for their students participating in a class. Parents MUST accompany children in the Playroom at all times. The Playroom staff is only responsible for children of Wonder Staff or other Wonder helpers currently working. 


We strive to foster a naturally fun and collaborative learning environment. Emphasizing the growth of the individual in order to strengthen the team. This means encouraging every person to focus on improving themselves and contributing their best to the group. This is not only for grownups, but also for our students.

Online Member Dashboard: Our primary means of communicating with you will be through the Online Member Dashboard. In addition to the goals, expectations, policies on the Team Page, we ask that you look for the memo email notification, read the contents within the memos, and take appropriate action, if necessary. For the first several weeks, please expect a memo more regularly and may become less frequent as the year continues.

Google Spaces for Team Chat: A collaborative tool, offing a central place to chat, share files, assign tasks, and stay connected. We’ve created various groups for sub teams who will need to communicate within each discipline, as well as a general Wonder HSD group. To protect the privacy of all Wonder members and families, please keep Wonder communications within this platform because we do not currently offer Wonder emails. You will receive an email invite to Google Spaces later today.

Chat conversations with a bunch of people can be a great way to collaborate and communicate, but they can also be nerve-wracking. Please read Wonder’s guidelines for group chat etiquette so everybody can enjoy the chat: https://letswonder.org/homeschool/members/team/#groupchat

Team Drive Folders: Lesson plans, documents, spreadsheets, etc., are housed in online folders for each discipline and/or class. [WONDER PREP FOLDER LINK]

Team Meeting: The Wonder Team will meet on December 19th during winter break (details below), and as needed throughout this year to discuss ways to support Wonder events and initiatives, as well as to plan events and fundraisers that will engage our entire community.


  • 2023-2024 HSD Calendar: Please view the updated calendar for general calendar dates and start and end times. We are still adding date to the calendar as they are approved by the varying facilities.
  • First Day of Wonder Homeschool Day Classes: Tuesday, September 26th from 10:00am-5:00pm at CCPC (according to individual schedule)
  • Student & Staff Photos (Rescheduled): Starting the 3rd week of classes
  • December Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 19th from 10:00am-12:00pm at CCPC (Room 209)


  1. Assembly: If you’d like to volunteer by sharing music, arts, dance, etc. (your discipline) with the students during assembly, please let us know and we’ll add you to the schedule for the year. Prepare for 3-5 minutes of your performance and up to 5 minutes of q&a.
  2. Post: Please post your first message on the Wonder HSD Team space by next week. Using Google Spaces is similar to using other popular chat apps but if you would like a tour, please reply to this memo to coordinate a time.
  3. Orientation Feedback: We were very happy with Wonder’s Family Orientation, and have already compiled a long list of strengths and weaknesses to consider for next year. If you have any feedback to add to the list, please reply to this memo with details.
  4. Missed Meeting: If you were unable to make the Team Meeting, please reply to this memo with your availability for next week to schedule a one-on-one.
  5. Review: Please be sure to read and review the most team expectations, policies, the upcoming season’s focus overview, and student goals before the first team meeting. [‘TEAM’ DASHBOARD LINK]
  6. Questions: If you have any questions about the upcoming season please let us know as soon as possible so we can update, clarify, or correct information for everyone. If you have trouble accessing/finding the information you need, please let us know asap by replying to this memo.


Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Let’s wonder!

Corey and Helen Scott

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