HSD RECAP 2024.04.30

DATE: Wednesday, May 6, 2024

Firstly, let us say, we greatly appreciate the work you’ve done with our HSD students. The improvements they’ve made as individuals and as an ensemble are very apparent. The positive work you’ve done with each group was shown during the rehearsal performances we witnessed.

Thanks to all who attended the dress rehearsals! The entire day was a bit out of whack with the space booking debacle, all the pictures, and the switch in order. Yet, we still ended on-time  and covered most of everything we needed.

There were a few questions we received from families and the team during recently, but for the most part, we’ve not received many questions or feedback about the upcoming event details so we’ll assume it’s pretty clear to most of you. We did need to make some changes from last month’s memo and after the rehearsal, so please take note. If we’ve missed anything or if you have any questions, please let us know. We may  make slight adjustments over the next few days.

We’ll be doing a final review later tonight of the Rundown linked below to make sure we didn’t miss anything so if you see any mistakes, please let us know. 

Please read this memo in its entirety, as it contains important information about the season.


  • Character Focus: View the most recent Character Lesson Focus
  • Review Classroom Policy and Member Privacy Policies [Review]
  • No Regular Class (May 7) (NEXT WEEK): No classes on Tuesday, May 7. ONLY the Year of Wonder evening event.
  • Assembly Sharing
    • May: Family Day Schedule (May 14)
  • Next Seasons Theme: Gratitude


  • Please view the Spring Events Rundown tab for this event. Please DO NOT print it as changes may be made before the event.  [EVENT RUNDOWN LINK]
  • Although the students would love to see you at the event, coaches can, but are not required to, attend the Year of Wonder. Only the ensemble conductor and accompanists are required to attend or if we are expecting you to fill-in as a player.
  • Please be sure to be in professional concert attire (Concert Black for accompanist: also appropriate for conductors; feel free to add a colored accent piece if desired)
  • Please plan to arrive in enough time to begin promptly at 1:30pm (student’s call-time is 30-minutes later – some band students will come early to continue helping set up while we meet)
  • While your ensemble is waiting to take the stage, you will have an opportunity to run through music outside of the sanctuary until you are called to enter, if desired. Once off stage and in the hallway, you can dismiss students to their next ensemble or to sit quietly in the sanctuary (an event HH should be available to help you). After the Group Photo (which we didn’t get to take during the dress rehearsals), students will have time to relax.
  • We will need you to monitor students in or outside of the sanctuary when you are not on stage.
  • You are dismissed to leave after your final ensemble stage-time is completed.


  • Please view the Spring Events Rundown tab for this event . Please DO NOT print it as changes may be made before the event.   [EVENT RUNDOWN LINK]
  • Please view the Spring Events Rundown for your arrival times. Most of you can plan to arrive/depart at your normal times. Some may need to arrive earlier in order to be ready fo the noon concert.
  • Attire: Regular Wonder Tees
  • Your lesson plan can include a brief description of activities, plus the class notes (mentioned below)
  • Coaches: You will help facilitate the Instrument Fair and Music Theory Games
  • Day starts in GYM (Probably the SANCTUARY) for ALL Wonder Students and Guests (we were just informed of a last minute schedule conflict with CCPC and we’re waiting to hear back from them)
  • Family Day Concert – 60m (12:00pm – 1:00pm): Mini Concert in Gym (Concert Order minus a few pieces); collect music after Family Day Concert
  • Lunch (1:00-2:00): Student Awards, Team Award (15m); dismissed to outside, Yearbook signing (outside)  – You are welcome to join
  • Theater Show – 1st Show 4:00pm, Evening Show 6:00pm, 7:00pm


  • 2023-2024 Wonder HSD Calendar: Please view the updated calendar for general calendar dates and start and end times. We are still adding dates to the calendar as they are approved by the varying facilities.
  • Year of Wonder: Spring Concert & Art Display (No regular class): May 7 [EVENT MEMO LINK]
  • Family Day & Living Theater: May 14 [EVENT MEMO LINK]
  • Community Concert: May 25 (volunteer conductor & accompanist requested)
  • 2024 Colorado Homeschool Days Fair: June 4


  1. Modified Schedule Questions: Please reply with any questions and music selections if one was not listed or needs to be changed.
  2. Photos & Video (FINAL REMINDER. Reply by Friday, May 3): Please add your Wonder photos/videos you captured this season, from classes, events, the Wonder Games, and other special events like Homeschool Day at the Capitol, to this year’s album (you may need to download an app). The yearbook design will be submitted in the next few days. [LINK]
  3. Year of Wonder Volunteers Needed (All Wonder Families – Reply by Friday, May 3): We need a few more volunteers to help before the event. Please reply to this memo if you’re interested in assisting and your preferred assignments. Thank you!
    • Welcome Table (1-2 volunteers needed) (1:30pm-9:00pm, )  – Check-in and check-out
    • Monitor (2-4 volunteers needed) (2pm-9pm) – monitor students not on stage/in rehearsal
    • Art Display Installation (1-2 volunteers needed)  (12pm- completion) – install wall art and collaborative pieces
    • Breakdown (4+ volunteers needed) – cleanup, vacuum, sweep
  4. Invite Family & Friends: Please help us get the word out! Invite your family and friends by sharing the event link from the Wonder website — emailing, texting, or posting on your online social groups. Word-of-mouth is the best! Year of Wonder (May 7), Family Day (May 14), and the homeschool student organized Homeschool Days Fair (June 4).
  5. Character Awards (ASAP): During Family Day (spring event), we will give Wonder members character awards. The ONLINE Roster (located in the roadmaps) has a notes section to add character qualities by a student’s name. Please use this roster to keep note of each student’s strong character traits. Please let us know if you have trouble accessing the file.
  6. Final Message: Final Class Notes will be on Family Day. Please include a summer break farewell message in your lesson plan class notes to include after Family Day.
  7. Student Evals (by May 14): By the end of the season, each instrument student will need an evaluation completed to record their improvement from the beginning of the year. Please use the ONLINE Class Roster  (located in the roadmaps) to keep note of each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and next year’s placement recommendation. Music Foundations students should also have their mastered level noted.
  8. Private Lessons: If you offer private lessons and would like to add a Wonder special or Wonder summer special, please reply with the details and we’ll add it to your studio information on our website.
  9. Looking Ahead 1-1 In-Person Meeting: 2024-2025 Season (please schedule): We speak with each team members at the end of the year to discuss a recap of the the current year and plans for the upcoming season. Please schedule your IN-PERSON meeting block on (Tuesday, May 21, 28) so we can coordinate 1-1 meetings most efficiently (ignore the link if one is automatically included). Please DO NOT select any other dates even if they show as available. If you have more flexibility in your schedule, please plan to signup in a few weeks to allow others with less flexibility to select a time. Thank you. [LINK: See Calendar on ‘Look Ahead 1-1 Meeting’ Tab on Team Page]
  10. What do you need from us? Is there something your confused about? Anything we need to clarify?

Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Let’s wonder!

Corey and Helen Scott


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