HSD RECAP 2023.12.19

DATE: Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Hello, everyone. 

We’ve completed our fall semester of Wonder! Thank you all who attended or will attend a Team Meeting (if we scheduled one with you) and for the work you’ve done in creating an enjoyable environment for our students and families to learn and share music and arts. In addition to holding team meetings, over the course of winter break, we’ll be working on shaping the spring events, such as our plans for Homeschool Day at the Capitol and the end-of-year concert/event and may be in touch during this time for input while planning the details. We pray you all enjoy the next several weeks with your loved ones and look forward to seeing you soon!

Below are highlights from the meetings and a few additional items for your reference. See you next year!

Please read this memo in its entirety, as it contains important information about the season.


  • Character Focus: View the most recent Character Lesson Focus
  • Review Classroom Policy and Member Privacy Policies [Review]
  • Daily Rundown Change: We will no longer print a Rundown for each person. Instead, we’ll be using the Google Spaces chat to post the daily rundown. Please make sure you have access the the main Team Spaces. Keep an eye out for another Spaces invite.
  • Lesson Plan: Please remember to complete your lesson plans by Tuesday of the prior week.
  • Class Notes Reminder: Class Notes are like homework for the day and are due by 6pm 8pm Tuesday, the same day of class, so we can send out the memo Wednesday morning. Some Guides submit their Class Notes the prior week with their lesson and edit them, if needed – we suggest this process for efficiency. Thank you all for working on making class notes clear and precise.
  • Attendance: Please be on-time and use the Attendance line if you will be absent or tardy. Please give us notice of absences as early as possible. All planned absences should already be submitted.
  • Character Awards: During Family Day (spring event), we will give Wonder members character awards. The ONLINE Class Roster (LINK) has a notes section to add character qualities by a student’s name. Please use this roster to keep note of each student’s strong character traits.
  • Student Evals (end of year): By the end of the year, each instrument student will need an evaluation completed to record their improvement from the beginning of the year. Any updates of skills learned and final recommendations can be completed on the ONLINE Class Roster. We appreciate your patience as we draft the skill requirements for each instrument throughout the spring session.
  • Assembly Sharing
    • Please prepare a 2-3 minute piece per ensemble to perform during the 1pm Assembly dated below:
    • January: Midpoint Band (January 30)
    • February: Midpoint Orchestra (February 27)
    • March: Training Band, then Training Orchestra (March 19)
    • April: Circle Dance (April 30)
    • May: Family Day Schedule (May 14)
  • Year of Wonder & Family Day: Tentative (with estimated times in no particular order ) [Review Updated Student Goals for Title Details]
    • Art: Individual & Collaborative Project
    • Music Makers: Song & Poem (4m)
    • Prime Choir: 2 Pieces + Rev 19 (Joint) (9m)
    • Youth Choir: Rev 19 (Joint) + 2 Pieces (9m)
    • ASL: Rev 19 (Choir) + 1 Piece (Music Makers)
    • Prelude Band: 1-2 Pieces (3m)
    • Training Band: 2 Pieces (6m)
    • Midpoint Band: 2 Pieces (6m)
    • Prelude Orchestra: Twinkle (3m)
    • Training Orchestra: 2 Pieces (6m)
    • Midpoint Orchestra: 2 Pieces (6m)
    • Concert Orchestra: 3 Pieces (9m)
    • Dance: Overview Video (1m) – Main Presentation at Family Day
    • Theater: Overview Video (1m) – Main Presentation at Family Day
  • Next Seasons Theme: Gratitude


  • 2023-2024 Wonder HSD Calendar: Please view the updated calendar for general calendar dates and start and end times. We are still adding dates to the calendar as they are approved by the varying facilities.
  • Winter Break: December 13 – January 8
  • Homeschool Spirit Day: January 30 (Throwback Day)
  • Wonder Games: February 6 from 6pm to 8pm
  • Concert Fest Days: March 1 from 9am to 3pm (ALL VOCAL CHOIRS, MIDPOINT BAND/ORCHESTRA)
  • No Class: Tuesday, March 26
  • Group Class Pictures: April 9
  • Homeschool Day at the Capitol (DAC):  Friday, April 12 from 7:30am-10am (ASL, ALL VOCAL CHOIRS, CONCERT ORCHESTRA)
  • Spring Break: April 22 – 29
  • Mandatory Year of Wonder, Family Day Dress Rehearsal: April 30 (During Class Time)
  • Mandatory Living Theater Dress Rehearsal: April 30 (5pm-7pm)
  • Year of Wonder: Spring Concert & Art Display (No regular class): May 7
  • Family Day & Living Theater: May 14
  • 2024 Colorado Homeschool Days Fair: June 4


  1. 1-on-1: If you need to speak with either of us, please schedule a December online meeting with Wonder here: https://letswonder.org/meet.
  2. Lesson Plans: Please make sure your week 1-11 lesson plans are complete/updated and ready for the spring session by the Tuesday prior to classes beginning in January.
  3. Spring Needs (By December 23): Please submit a list of any items you need for next semester (art supplies, method books/supplies) — please include a link to the item and quantity needed in week 10’s lesson plan. We will contact you if we have any questions. Thank you!
  4. Wonder Games Families: If you have a student enrolled in Wonder, please be sure to submit your Wonder Games emails for your family.
  5. Wonder Games Volunteer (February 6th): Are you available to volunteer for the Wonder Games event. The event is from 6pm-8pm. We will need volunteers to help setup, facilitate, and breakdown the games between 4pm and 9pm. We will have pizza available for volunteers.
  6. Photos & Video: Please add your Wonder photos/videos you captured this season, from classes, events, the Wonder Games, and other special events like Homeschool Day at the Capitol, to this year’s album (you may need to download an app). [LINK]
  7. Next Year’s Gratitude Theme (By January 31st): Please feel free to submit repertoire and/or art ideas for next year’s theme. We’d like to begin reviewing submissions by the beginning of February.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Let’s wonder!

Corey and Helen Scott


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