HSD RECAP 2023.11.28

MEMO: HSD RECAP 2023.11.28
DATE: Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hello, everyone. 

Let us start off by saying how grateful we are for each of you. We took time during break to speak with Wonder HSD families (particularly those with students in an ensemble) and we continually heard how Wonder is the favorite day of the week for their children. You all have shown yourselves to be adaptable, dependable, and good at what you do. It’s one less thing we’ve had to be concerned about. So thank you!

Please read this memo in its entirety, as it contains important information about the season.


  • Scripture of the Month: Isaiah 55:12 – For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace. The mountains and the hills will break out before you into singing; and all the trees of the fields will clap their hands. – Isaiah 55:12 World English Bible (WEB)
  • No Team Meeting: We know how important it is for everyone to be on the same page and it’s always a bit of a struggle to get important information to guides and coaches without requiring reading a long memo or email. However, since everything that needs to be discussed doesn’t pertain to everyone, we’d rather touch base with individuals as needed, for effectiveness and efficiency. We’ll let you know if we feel like a team meeting is still needed to help us regroup, discuss spring plans, and answer any questions for you. If we need to meet with you, we will reach out directly.


  • 2023-2024 Wonder HSD Calendar: Please view the updated calendar for general calendar dates and start and end times. We are still adding dates to the calendar as they are approved by the varying facilities.
  • Homeschool Spirit Day: December 12 (Wacky Tacky Day)
  • Wonder Games Email Deadline: December 13
  • Winter Break: December 13 – January 8
  • Wonder Games: February 6 from 6pm to 8pm


  1. Needs: Is there anything you need from us? Let us know along with any general feedback or concerns. Feedback is what helps us improve what we do so it’s both welcome and appreciated. If we have any questions about what is submitted, we’ll reach out directly.
  2. 1-on-1: If you need to speak with either of us, please schedule a December online meeting with Wonder here: https://letswonder.org/meet.
  3. Questions Topics (By December 12): Please submit a list of any topics you’d like addressed at the meeting or over the course of the next several weeks — questions, necessary clarifications, concerns, or anything you feel like we need to discuss to get on the same page.
  4. Lesson Plans: Please make sure all week 1-11 lesson plans are complete/updated by the Tuesday prior to classes beginning in January.
  5. Winter Break Availability: Are you available to facilitate private lessons for Wonder students who may request them during winter break?

Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Let’s wonder!

Corey and Helen Scott

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