January 2024


TO: ALL WONDER WHS MEMBERS MEMO: WHS MEETING NOTES: 2024.01.30 DATE: Wednesday, January 30, 2024 Congratulations to our very first Wonder Honor Society National and Chapter Officers! Thank you for accepting the important responsibility of leading in the WHS foundational pillars of character and leadership, service and citizenship, skills and scholarship, and business and entrepreneurship. […]

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HSD RECAP 2024.01.30

TO: THE WONDER TEAM MEMO: WEEKLY RECAP 2024.01.30 DATE: Wednesday, January 31, 2024 Please read this memo in its entirety, as it contains important information about the season. RECAP HIGHLIGHTS Character Focus: View the most recent Character Lesson Focus Review Classroom Policy and Member Privacy Policies [Review] Concert Fest Days Update- March 1 (ALL VOCAL CHOIRS,

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